Wendt Wire Chopping Line Coming 1st Quarter 2014

Wendt Corporation has announced the sale of a state of the art, high-volume MTB copper and aluminum chopping line to Blase brothers, Gary, Craig and Kevin Blase. This represents the Blase brother’s first scrap recycling equipment purchase in five years. The brothers sold their company, Blaze Recycling & Metals to a private equity group in July 2007 and were under a five year non-compete clause, which ended this past July.

The Blase brothers have been in the scrap recycling industry for over 20 years, having run three previous auto shredding plants, and are eager to get back in business with the purchase of the MTB chopping line. Gary Blase states, “This plant is going to be fun for us, it’s all about getting back to our roots in wire chopping. There is an art to the chopping business and it’s something that we really enjoy and look forward to. Our main objective is to really build and invest in this business venture. ”

In August 2012, the brothers purchased a 30-acre facility in Lithonia, GA. This facility sits on the east side of Atlanta and features a 60,000 square foot building which will house the wire chopping installation. A seasoned team of professionals will be joining the Blase brothers on this endeavor as they look to establish and grow the business. After the installation of the MTB wire chopping line, the brothers plan to continue to expand their operation, starting with installing a non-ferrous baler and purchasing an auto shredder, as well as a non-ferrous downstream plant to aid in wire recovery. Gary Blase says they have already begun sourcing feedstock material for their aluminum and copper chopping line.

With their successful past in the wire chopping business, the brothers say that they wanted to make an educated decision on what type of equipment to purchase. Gary Blase says, “After visiting the MTB processing facility in France, the explanation of the equipment just did not do the equipment justice.” The purchase of the MTB chopping line presents the Blase brothers with the unique opportunity to process a broad spectrum of products. Blase adds, “When we saw the capabilities of the equipment and the variety of materials that we could process, we were very confident and excited about the MTB line. We realized that this equipment will give us the opportunity to process materials that many do not have the ability to do at this time and we look forward to that advantage in the marketplace.” The company looks to source material from around the country and in particular the Southeast, while specifically targeting ICW (insulated copper wire) from ASR (automobile shredder residue).

The state of the art MTB copper and aluminum chopping line is fully automated and includes the latest models of pre-choppers, granulators and vibratory screens that MTB offers. The high-production chopping line features a BDR 2400, two BAT 1600 granulators, air density separators and proprietary vibrating screens. This all-purpose chopping line has the ability to process material including; aluminum and copper cables, twitch, aluminum and copper radiators, ACSR, as well as, ICW from ASR.

The Blase brother’s purchase contributes to a historical year Wendt and MTB are having for chopping line sales in North America. Wendt Corporation is the exclusive strategic partner and distributer in North America for MTB equipment, parts and service. MTB has over 30 years of experience manufacturing wire and cable chopping systems and is France’s largest processor with over 30,000 tons of copper and aluminum cables processed each year. As a processor themselves, MTB continues to provide new applications and innovative designs, to deliver robust and purpose built machines for wire and cable chopping, granulating, sorting, cleaning and sizing.

The Blase brothers will be breaking ground in early December on a two-story scale house and begin other preparations for their new facility. They anticipate having their MTB aluminum and copper chopping line operational in the 4th quarter of 2013.


Opening Summer 2013